WichitaKS -

It's supposed to hold more than 100 pounds and only leave a pin-sized hole in your wall.  It's a Herculean claim, but do the Hercules Hooks live up to it?

To test the product, we enlisted the help of Phil and Jan from 104.5 The Fox and metal sculptor Chris Brunner.  We'll hang some of Brunner's work on his own walls using the Hercules Hooks.  We bought ours for $14.95.  They claim to hold up to 150 pounds without tools and without studs.

Phil notices right away, the packaging says "The amount of weight will depend on the type and condition of the wall."  But, does it specify which is best?  "No, it doesn't", Phil responds.

Chris Brunner finds the hooks go into his wall pretty easily.  Then he tries to hang a 23 pound sculpture on the hook. 

It holds up just fine. 

So, Brunner brings out a 15 pound platform shelf he made hangs it, then loads it up with a 15 pound stone.  Altogether, 30 pounds. Chris and the crew from The Fox are impressed.

The 15 pound stone is swapped out for a 19 pound stone.  34 pounds total.  It holds for a few seconds before crashing to the floor, breaking the stone into a million pieces.

Phil quips "Wow!  34 pounds! He's no longer the greatest hero in Greek mythology."

Chris decides to give the Hercules Hook one more shot at 34 pounds. The second test had the same results.

The tests ruined our plans to really put the Hook to the test.

Phil says, "It's supposed to hold 150 pounds.  I weigh 140, we were going to build an 8 pound shelf, and put me on it ....but that would have been my body down there."

So, Does it Work?  Chris says...only if you think small. Still, he says "I'd use a small nail...it would leave the same size hole and be a lot less than $14.95."

We tried to contact the company to get their response to our test.  They did not reply to our phone call or e-mail.