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On a chilly, rainy day, our Does It Work test takes us inside a WSU cafeteria.  That's where our product... Hot-Can... promises to warm-up some cold college students."I'm kind of concerned about this,” said one student. "Because it's hot chocolate in a can."We bought two 12-packs of self-heating cans.  Half of the cans are hot chocolate.  The other half--tomato soup.  We paid about 43 dollars.  Hot-Can averages about 20 dollars for a 12-pack.Our shocker students start the testing with the cocoa.  The instructions say to push an activation button at the bottom of the can.  Next, shake for about 30 seconds.  Then, wait for three minutes."Oh look it's changing colors,” one student said.A temperature indicator on the can tells you when it's ready.Now, we take its temperature.  One can read 140 degrees Fahrenheit.  One of the students said it burned her lips.  But is it good?"It's a little watery,” a shocker student added.It takes only minutes for these thirsty college students to figure-out a potential con of these cans."But I feel I'm almost at the bottom.  It's only 7 fluid ounces,” a tester said.Next, the tomato soup.  It "cooked" a lot faster and hotter for one of our testers."Oh no, mine is getting red now… it says caution, too hot,” one student said.After nearly five minutes of testing, two tomato soup cans didn't indicate they were ready.  But they were still warm when the testers taste-tested. "It tastes like spaghettio's without the o's,” a tester said.The Hot-Can's grade?  The students said it worked!Hot-Can comes in other drink flavors--café mocha, café latte, and hot tea.  It also offers other soup flavors--and asparagus and mushroom.

Hot-Can: Does it Work?