WichitaKS -

Want a hot meal?  Then you need a stove, oven or microwave, right?

"Hot Meals" say you don't.  They are $6 cans of food that promise to heat themselves without any gas or electricity.  And they're designed for your home emergency kit that you might need when the power goes off or after a natural disaster.  There are seven flavors in all. 

Who better to test them than Sedgwick County's Emergency Management  Team?

They each picked their favorite flavor and followed the simple directions:  pierce the outer shell of the can with a spike, which releases water onto baking limestone.  That reaction is supposed to create enough heat that in ten minutes  the food is supposed to be hot.

Emergency Management Director Randy Duncan's can of Red Beans and Rice took the longest to heat up, but eventually got up to a whopping 160 degrees!   But while his was "slow and steady," his co-worker, Cody Carat's Chicken Noodle Soup was literally steaming and hissing in no time.  Same for John Crosby's Beans and Franks.   All this within the ten minute window. 

In fact, the top of Randy's jar got so hot that he actually burned his finger! 

And they liked how the food tasted.

All three men say the meals would be great in an emergency kit or for anytime you need a quick hot meal.  Each can has a shelf life of two years.

Randy's wife says she'd like to use it this summer camping---instead of cooking!

Does It Work?

All three said yes, cleaned their plates and thanked us for lunch!