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While Mooyah employees keep customers happy, owner Anthony Powell isn't afraid to get a little dirty cleaning floors."Until something better comes along, this is what we're stuck with," Anthony said.Well, we might have something better; it's called the Hurricane 360 Spin Mop.Its commercial says it's "a system that cleans practically anything and everything and uses patented centrifugal dryer technology, so you're using a clean mop to leave your floors spic and span."We bought the Hurricane 360 Spin Mop online for nearly $53.We put it together quickly.  But Anthony thought something was missing."This has got to take some batteries, doesn't it?" Anthony said.No.  It's all human-powered.  So, our "power source" went to work."So, I'm going to dip it in here first, get all submerged," Anthony said.But drying it off with in the wringer got messy."I think you have to do it slowly," Anthony said.But he still got his slacks dirty.  Also, the makers advertise you never have to touch the mop, but we had to touch it to get it in the wringer.Anthony was ready to start cleaning, but he doesn't like a soaking wet mop.  While checking its "dampness," the mop head fell off.After we put it back on, Anthony started to spin it in the wringer again.  The next round of spinning went smoother.  The directions say the mop handle needs to be at a 90-degree angle for it to work properly in the wringer.  But can it spin on the floor like the commercial shows us?"Oh yeah... look at that, well, it did it a little bit," Anthony said.Anthony did like how it fits in-between his chairs."I think it could be an effective tool for getting into spaces like this," Anthony said.Anthony cleaned the mop again.  Next, he tried cleaning-up a ketchup mess.  But after he saw the results, he wasn't as satisfied. "I don't know if it works much better than the old fashioned way," Anthony said.Does it work?"I'm leaning towards no," Anthony said.But that's not the end of it.  Anthony says the Hurricane 360 Spin Mop could work on a smaller scale... maybe inside someone's home.We reached out to the makers of the mop.  We asked why the mop head didn't spin along the floorboards, as advertised.  We also wanted to know why the mop head would occasionally disconnect from the disc.  The company said that's "due to design issues that are currently being addressed with new tooling. These design adjustments will be rolled out to retail and mail orders soon."We also wanted to know why the mop head flopped around so much in the wringer.  The company said that "may be due to improper loading of the mop into the basket. It is important to make sure you hold the mop handle straight up before spinning."The company also added, "We apologize for any inconvenience. We have many customers that are very happy with the Hurricane Spin Mop. We do recognize that there are certain aspects that would benefit from a redesign and we are currently committed to improving the product accordingly." Does it Work