WichitaKS -

Greg Spring would like to shed some light on the boxes inside his basement supply closet."We actually drag it out to the hallway to have it under the light,” Greg said.He needs a light bulb.  But he doesn't have an outlet close-by and he doesn't want to wire the closet.  That's why we handed him an Insta Bulb.  It's a stick-up light bulb.  All you need are four double-A batteries.  We found a box of two Insta Bulbs for $10.99.With the batteries in, Greg is ready for installation.  Just peel and stick."I think we'll put it in the closet here.  Maybe on the side.  So it will light-up taller boxes and supplies and we can see what we have,” Greg said.He disappears in the dark, but not for long."It really made a difference,” Greg said.Insta Bulb claims it's cool to the touch.  So, we leave the Insta Bulb on in the closet, while we test another claim.  Then, we’ll check to see if it stays cool.Greg uses another Insta Bulb to test its shatter-proof claim.  He drops it on his basement's concrete floor."When we dropped it, the plastic came off the batteries, the batteries came out, but the bulb is fine,” Greg said.And it still works.  But two more drops later..."It works.  Three drops right on the bulb and it's still working,” Greg said.However, it cracked along the plastic seam.  Does Greg still think it holds up to the claim that it's shatter proof?"Yes.  As far as danger to somebody.  There's no glass or things like that.  And, I still think it's functional,” Greg said.Now, back to the closet... where Greg's hoping he won't get burned.  Is it hot?"Not at all,” Greg said.So the big question, does Insta Bulb work?"It appears to me it works fine,” Greg said.Insta Bulb says you can use it has a lantern--- just carry it around.  Greg says it passed that test too.  Also, Greg noticed during testing you don't have to stick the Insta Bulb to a wall.  It has holes in the holder you can use to mount it to a wall.

Insta Bulb: Does it Work?