WichitaKS -

The ads claim you don't have to dig in the dirt to plant flowers.  Instead, simply roll out the "Instant Flower Garden."  It's a mat we ordered from Taylor Gifts for about $10 each.  The company says the seeds are in the mat and when it dissolves after its watered, the seeds are "planted."

A viewer, Jennifer Brehon, offered her lawn as our test garden.  All she had to do was work up the ground, roll out the six-foot long mat, and water it.  But a couple of days later, after a heavy rain, she couldn't tell if the seeds were still there.  So, she planted part of another mat in a flower pot.  I put the last mat in a sunny part of our family's garden.

Six weeks later, and some kinds of plants are growing---but they're not flowering.  Just two very tiny flowers are on the plants in Jennifer's pot.  I have the same kinds of plants.  But I don't have blooms either.

We called the company with our results.  They say they think the seeds may have been old and not stored properly by Taylor Gifts.  They say they offer a free replacement for any product that doesn't satisfy the customer.

After all three tests, Jennifer Brehon stands by her opinion.  Does it Work?  She says "No."