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We spend a lot of money on smartphones. And then we spend more on cases that promise to protect them. That’s why we tested LifeProof.  It’s a cell phone case that says it has four "proofs"... dirt, water, shock... and snow and ice.We tested the first proof at the “Jeeps Cycle Club” in Park City. Daryl Walter is the president of this club.  He's helping us test the limits of the LifeProof iPhone case.  We bought it online for about $80. For testing, we use one of our work cell phones.After several trips around the track and lots of dust and dirt, we take a look."It looks very clean,” Daryl said. "I think it passed the test. I think it works pretty good."We test the next two "proofs" at WSU's Heskett Center. Up first is what could be considered an iPhone user's biggest fear -- water. Swimmer and WSU Senior Chauncey Ferlet helps us with this one.To the end and back, Chauncey keeps the iPhone about two feet underwater, recording the whole time.  When it comes up... we’re able to use the buttons like a normal phone.But just to make sure, LifeProof says it protects in up to two meters of water.  That’s about six-point-six feet. So Chauncey takes it to the diving pool.When we look inside the case... the phone is dry and still working.Now, is it Shock Proof? LifeProof says it can protect your phone from a two meter drop.We check to see if we can still send and receive texts and calls after the drop, and it's still working.Finally, we use a bag of ice to help us test the last “proof" -- snow and ice. We drop our phone in a bowl of ice. When we pull it out and take off the LifeProof cover, the phone is clear of any ice.We used an iPhone Four with the LifeProof case. LifeProof has a few other cases.  But mostly for Apple products.

LifeProof iPhone Case: Does it Work?