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Want to hear the TV better? Or even hear what folks are saying about you at a party? Loud 'N Clear is supposed to be the one device to help you do both!

The device looks like one of those Bluetooth headsets, but isn't. It's a $10 sound amplifier. The ads say you can use it like a hearing aid, as well as an "eavesdropping device."

We get 104.5 The Fox morning crew Jan and Phil to find out if it's worth spending your money on.

Both admit, at first,  the world does sound louder. Phil says the one thing that's overpowering to him, though, is the sound of the pop machine at the end of the hall.  He hears it over everything else.

We send them on a "spy mission" around their station, to see whether they can hear anything else. 

Jan can hear her boss on the phone when she stands at his door. But when Phil tries to listen in on someone a couple of desks away, he can't tell what they're saying at all. And despite the "boss incident,"  Jan can't hear anyone else's conversation. She admits she can hear ambient sounds louder, but not in a way to overhear conversations. 

Does It Work?  Jan says if you want to hear the TV or other sounds in the room louder than they usually are, it might work for you. But she and Phil say don't count on it to hear what your neighbors are saying about you!