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This week's Does it Work brings us to a construction site where Habitat for Humanity volunteers are building someone a new home.

Homeowners know there's always something you want to add to your pad.

That's where Magic Mesh promises to work its magic as an "instant screen door" for around $15.

"It's pretty neat actually," Construction Coordinator Jake Myers said. "It will be pretty handy for bugs and everything when you're cooking barbecue and stuff outside.”

Jake is helping us test this product on a Habitat Home under construction.

"We're going to install it in the front door of this house,” Jake said.

Jake lays out the Magic Mesh and starts reading the instructions.

"Determine the proper direction to install screen. If your door opens in, install on the outside of the door frame. If your door opens out, install on the inside of the door frame."

Jake will install it on the outside. To get it to stick, Jake needs the sticky strips lining the mesh. Eventually, the sticky strips are all on and we're ready to stick it to the door frame.

"It sticks very well,” Jake said.

Jake made a few minor adjustments to get the magnets closer together. Jake did mention if you use the wood tacks that come in the box, it might be smart to put a few extra where the two screens meet.

We had Jake and a few volunteers walk through the Magic Mesh. It held. But the Kansas wind blowing through a home in the works... prevented the magnets from closing back together consistently. Jake's advice... keep it away from the wind. We noticed another problem. If you have metal doors--which most exterior doors are--these magnets will stick to them.

"It would work good on a back porch where you have a lot less wind,” Jake said. It must have put a spell on Jake.

“I have a back door on my house and I might actually go and look at one,” Jake said.

Something to note: we tried this on an unfinished door. Jake says if you take this off, it could peel away some of your paint.

Magic Mesh: Does it Work?