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At Kylie Kelley’s daycare, the big kids can get water whenever they need a re-fill."If they run out of water, they come and fill it up, at the door of the fridge and they get their water there,” Kylie said.But with any other kind of drink, they need her help. That's why we thought Kylie might want to try the Magic Tap!  We found them at Bed Bath & Beyond for $12.99 each.The Magic Tap says it can fit on-top of a variety of containers.After installing two double A batteries, Kylie was ready to test the Magic Tap on a gallon of milk.While placing the automatic drink dispenser on the jug, Kylie accidentally hit the trigger… spilling milk all over her floor.  So, we decided to continue the test in the kitchen sink.“If you get the cup under there though, it doesn't leak or anything,” Kylie said.We tried it next on a Hawaiian Punch container.  Kylie dumped a little out so it wouldn’t spill-over. But she still had the same problem.  Kylie says the trigger is super sensitive.It also worked on our Pink Limeade container and a juice container."You have to be real gentle when you put it on,” Kylie said.Would she put this in her fridge for her daycare kids to use?"Yes, if my kids were trained on how to get it.  And if I were trained, so I'm not hitting that button when I'm not supposed to,” Kylie said.The kids liked the independence and they didn't seem to mind the mess either.Does it Work?"Yes, it works,” Kylie said.The Magic Tap instructions say it works best on containers that are a half a gallon or bigger.  Also, it's not recommended to use on carbonated beverages, drinks containing pulp, root beer, drinks with 40-percent or more alcohol content, or beverages beyond their expiration date.