WichitaKS -

The microwave is great for some things: reheating meals or cooking frozen dinners. But when was the last time you used it to cook a steak?

The makers of the Micro Grill say it will turn your microwave into an indoor grill. So Does It Work recruited the cooks and wait-staff at Wichita's Town and Country to try it out.

They were doubtful, but gave it a try.

The directions are simple: preheat the grill in the microwave. Take it out, put the meat on the hot surface. Then put it all back in the microwave to cook.

We cooked a steak, and got our answer with each person's first bite: they loved it!

Does It Work? All our taste testers say "yes!" We ordered our Micro Grill from www.microgrill.com for about $70.