WichitaKS -

It sounds like an old magic trick: move an object with your mind.  But that's what a new game on the market says it can do.  And it's distributed by "Mattel,"  a well-respected company.

We're talking about Mindflex. The point of the game is to focus your brainwaves to make a fan on a console in front of you start to blow.  That, in turn, makes a foam ball rise up in the air.  If you concentrate hard enough, the ball is supposed to go higher---off of that "brain-fueled" fan.

It was so popular around Christmas time, that you couldn't find one to buy.  But finally we put our hands on one and handed it to some high school kids to test.

In order to play, you have to get over how you look wearing the "gear":  a headset goes around your head  and sensors clip on your ear lobes.   Andy, our first tester, is mortified at how he looks in the mirror!

"Do I really look like that?" he gasps.  "It's ridiculous!"

But then he starts concentrating.   To Andy's amazement, the fan starts blowing.  And the ball goes up...and up!  He can't explain it, but the more he stares at the ball, the higher it goes. 

Next, he passes the headset to his friend, Kelly.  She, too, gets the ball to go up.  But she quickly discovers the price.  The sensor on the headset leaves a fairly deep mark on your forehead.  It hurts a little when you take off the headgear and rub it, but the pain isn't overwhelming and does go away.

And finally, Resa finds out you do have to concentrate to get the fan to go.  She's able to start it up, but gets the giggles!  Off goes the fan and down goes the ball.

Does It Work?

Andy is shocked.  "I never thought I'd say this, but yes, it works!  It's amazing!  It works."

Just don't look at yourself in a mirror when you play it. 

You can buy Mindflex from Amazon, Walmart,  or Target.