WichitaKS -

By day Derek Keller is a stock broker and financial planner.  But by night?

"I'm Laundryman!" he laughs.  He says he does up to three loads a night for his family.

That makes him the perfect guy to test this week's product:  Mr. Steamy Dryer Balls. 

Yep, that's really the name. 

It's supposed to take wrinkles out of your clothes by releasing steam through its holes.  And to make that steam, the directions say you have to put your clothes in the dryer on hot.  That's a big red flag for Derek. 

"If you dry them on high, I'm afraid they'll shrink."

Pour four ounces of water into the sponge in the middle of the ball, and put it in the dryer.  Derek has a load of wrinkled sheets ready to go.

Within minutes, the dryer senses there's water in there somewhere.  The display lights up indicating the clothes are wet.

But 15 minutes later, the sheets are still very wrinkled.

Even though that's a normal-sized load for Derek, he takes out some of the sheets and tries it again---in case it was too much for Mr. Steamy.

However, after another 15 minutes, the sheets don't look any different.  And when he drips some of the water from the ball into his hand, it's barely warm---not hot like steam.

Derek gives it a final try on five wrinkled dress shirts.  But after Mr. Steamy has another cycle to work, the shirts looks just the same as when we put them in.

Does It Work?

Derek says no.

We called the company and gave them the results of our test, but they never contacted us with their response.

Derek has another idea for the two dryer balls.  "If I had a dog, I'd put a treat in it and make it a dog toy!"