WichitaKS -

It's a new kitchen gadget that's straight out of Seinfeld.  What do you do with those old, unwanted muffin bottoms? Don't bake them!

Instead, the gang from 104.5 The Fox radio helps Kim Setty with a new pan that claims will make the bottom of the muffin disappear.

Some in our test didn't really understand the point of the Muffin Top Pan.  Phil Thompson says, "I don't get it...Muffins were in one piece, you want a top? Cut it off!" But what do you do with the bottom? "Eat it too!" he responds.

That won't be necessary if the $17 Muffin Top Pan does what it promises...make only the tops.

For this pan, you make your mix exactly like you usually do, only adjusting the baking a bit.  25 degrees lower than specified in most recipes.

We fill some of the muffin top tin's holes a little more than others to see which works best, and bake them.

Sure enough, they look like muffins minus the bottom.  But how do they taste? Our testers say it tastes a little better because it's a little less dense.

Others, like Phil say - it tastes just like a muffin.  It still has a top and bottom.

So, Does it Work?  The answer is yes.

We bought our Muffin Top Pan from the Cook's Nook in McPherson.