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The search for the best beauty product never ends for some women.  We're learning that firsthand.  Ever since we re-started our 'Does it Work' series, countless female viewers have been begging us to test the No No Hair Remover.  The thing is, Kim Setty already tested the No No two years ago. You can watch her original story by clicking here.

The product is sold for $250 to $300.  It claims it can remove embarrassing facial hair and give you smooth legs.  Also, it says there’s no tweezing involved, no razor burn, and you won’t have any stubble after using the product.

Kim’s testers said when they used the product, it smelled like burning hair. But they did see a difference after one use. Kim left the No No with her female testers for a month to see how well it would perform long term. 

One tester said there were places on her leg where the hair was permanently gone.  But both testers complained it took too long to use—they spent 45 minutes on each leg.

No No Hair Remover: Does it Work?