WichitaKS -

It takes guts to do what this week’s Does it Work testers are doing: bare their unshaved legs to the world!

Sisters-in law Jennie and Lisa have stopped shaving (for awhile!) to say “yes” to the “No No.” It’s a hand-held device that’s supposed to use heat to destroy hairs where they grow---below the skin’s surface. And the claim: no pain, no noise and no pulling.

But there is the cost: $300.

“For $300 it should do an awful lot,” laughs Jennie. “Wash dishes, vacuum!”

As they start to run it across their skin, it’s warm, but not hot. And Lisa says the directions are right---it doesn’t hurt.

But then they notice something: the smell of burning hair. That seems to be a sign it’s working. Because minutes later Jennie feels patches of skin where the hair is gone. However, that’s only after she turned the “No No” to its highest setting.

The company says it may take weeks for the “No No” to make your hair begin to permanently go away. So we leave the gadget with the ladies to use at least two to three times a week for the next month.

Four weeks later, Lisa says her legs are smoother.

“It does take care of the hair. There are places on my leg where the hair is permanently gone.” The downside: the time it takes to use.

“It takes 45 minutes for both legs—each time!”

That appears to be the hair that broke the camel’s back.

“I could have shaved my legs ten times in the time it took me to sit there and do a leg,” says Lisa. Does It Work?

“Yes, it does,” says Jennie.

Does she want to use it again?

“No, I don’t.”