NutriBullet: Does it Work?

POSTED: 12:00 PM CDT Apr 03, 2013 
WichitaKS -

Ann Hunter, a Wichita State University registered dietitian, has heard several reasons for not eating healthy food."If you didn't grow up eating fruits and vegetables, you don't know how to fix them," Ann said.But there might be an easier way to eat your fruits and veggies--extract their nutrients with the NutriBullet."It's the super food, nutrition extractor. With the NutriBullet, you can turn ordinary food into super food that now absorbs easily into your body's system," the commercial said.The commercial says it's not a juicer or blender. Instead, the NutriBullet breaks through stems, skins, and seeds creating a drinkable concoction. We found one at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $99.99.We started by following a recipe. It called for spinach. Ann also added blueberries, a banana, strawberries with the stems, almonds, and she topped it off with some water.  The concoction was finished about 30 seconds later."It looks very thin," Ann said.Drinkable? Sure. But enjoyable?"I could definitely consume this," Ann said.The NutriBullet says the drink and its contents will also go through a strainer. We tried that with our drink. And it all dripped through the strainer.Ann made another recipe. But this one wasn't so visually pleasing to the eyes."We do eat with our eyes," Ann said.And the $100 price tag is hard for Ann to swallow.But, does it work?"I think it does work," Ann said.We asked Ann, a registered dietitian, to help us test this product to see if it really would help us absorb nutrients better.  Her answer? Not really.  She says we do absorb liquid faster, but that's not always a good thing.

Does it work Nutribullet