WichitaKS -

Consider it manufacturing's version of the child-proof cap:  those hard, clamshell plastic containers you have to cut through to get to all those new gadgets you buy. 

If you're tired of the work-out getting those open, the Package Shark Pro may tempt you.  For $10, it's supposed to be a hand-held blade that won't cut you, but will open the plastic container.

We headed to a local package shipping company to test it out.  Cliff Elder found the first problem: opening it!  The Shark Pro comes in one of those hard clamshells!  Once he got it out, he started trying it out on all kinds of plastic containers.

But he found the first problem:  it's not deep enough to cut through the thicker edges! When he did find a smaller edge it would cut, it only cut through a sliver at a time. 

That lead to the second problem:  Cliff cut himself, not on the knife, but the shards of plastic it made.

He gave up, but his son, Caleb, stepped in.  Only he didn't have any better luck.  The knife kept sticking and jamming.   And after several attempts he came to the same conclusion as his dad: 

Does It Work?   No.

We contacted the company that sells Package Shark Pro to get its response to our results.  But we never got one.