WichitaKS -

Ever have those evenings when you're so busy you don't think you have time to wait for a pot of water to boil for pasta? 

How about cooking that pasta in the microwave?

The Pasta n' More says it's easier than cooking on the stove top. So we headed to Italian Gardens Restaurant for a throw down. 

Cinthia has cooked for the restaurant for 7 years and says there's no way a microwave can cook pasta, period-- let alone taste good enough you'd want to eat it.

She agrees, though, to give it a try. The directions are straightforward:  put water in the Pasta n' More up to the fill line, add the pasta and put it in the microwave.

The first batch we put in does cook, but it's too done.  Next we go for the shorter time and try again. This time the pasta is better and Cinthia admits she was wrong. 

However she proposes a head-to-head, blind taste test. Cinthia fixes a batch on the stovetop  and serves it  along with the microwave version,  both in a primavera sauce. Trista, a pasta lover, tries each. Not knowing which is which, she says the stove top pasta was definitely better, but the microwave pasta was "okay."

Does It Work? Cinthia and Trista say yes.