WichitaKS -

This week's Does It Work test puts a big claim to the test:  Patch Perfect says it's like "grass seed on steroids."

The ads and the front of the package say all you have to do is "Spread It And Forget It," but that's not what the directions tell you to do.

Sedgwick County Extension Agent Rebecca Bandli looked at the grass seed and found it was 70% inert material.  It contained a lot of mulch and not that much seed.

The makers claim it will grow in the toughest spots; in the shade, in high traffic areas, even without soil.  We tried all three, just like the commercial...even spreading some across the top of a brick.

We found the best results in the shade, where the grass seems to thrive, but our grass in the high traffic area didn't fare quite as well - and there wasn't a single blade of grass on our brick.

Still, what grew was actually Rye Grass, which Bandli says won't stand up to the Kansas heat. Brandli says, the bottom line - it doesn't work.

We contacted the company with our results.  They took our information over the phone and promised to have someone get back to us.  We never heard back from the company that makes the seed.