WichitaKS -

It's the perfect time of year for any kind of ice pop. But when it comes to little ones, there is a fine line between icy and "too cold."

"My four-year-old hates to have her hands cold," says Rachel Getchell. "She can't make it through a whole popsicle."

But that's not the only problem. The youngest ones either need help, or the ice falls on the ground.

However, if you have $5, Pop Pals say they have the answer to your problems. The plastic holders keep the cold away from little hands---plus there are supposed to eliminate the word "slippery" altogether.

So Rachel heads to an ice chest full of freezer pops and pulls them out. While you might think all ice pops are  alike, it turns out they're not. The ones we bought were in a mesh bag on sale.  But they're too big to fit into the holders. That's even though the Pop Pals packaging says "for use with most major ice pops."

We want our test to be fair. So we bought two different brands and take those to Rachel's house to test.

There is a big difference in size. While Rachel says her kids would be mad if she handed them the tinier ice pops, they are just the right size for the Pop Pals. They're much easier to slide through. When she pushes the Pop Pal up, the ice goes to the top of the wrapper like it should.

However, it's the kids that notice a big difference.

"I like using this," says Joey, "because it keeps your hands warm."

"It slided the ice up better, " giggles Shelby."

So what's Mom's take on it?

Rachel says it does pushy up the ice pops, but she says a paper towel does just as well.  But she has to admit the Pop Pals are cuter.

Does It Work?

She says yes. 

Is it a must have? No. 

But Rachel laughs it does make ice pops a little more fun.