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You takes notes all kinds of ways: with pen and paper, or maybe on your laptop.

What about a pen that says it will not only let you write, but will also record every sound from that meeting or class you're in AND store it on your computer?

That's what the $130 Pulse Smartpen claims to do. The one-gigabyte version says it will store 100 hours of audio. 

And here's the amazing part:  tap your notes with the pen and you should be able to hear exactly what was being said you wrote those words.

We headed to a WSU lecture hall to give it a test. If it works, the teacher says she's buying one for her teenager whose headed to college next fall!

The key is the special notebook paper you use and what you may not have noticed about the pen. It's also a camera.  In fact, when it records audio, it's not recognizing the words you're writing. It's recognizing where it is on the special paper.

Frances, a student, uses is during the 45-minute lecture.  When it's done, she taps her notes and out comes the lecturer's voice.

It works!

But wait! There's more!

The pen is also supposed to download all of those written notes, and the audio as well, onto your computer and do the same thing.

One click later and it appears on the computer screen of Austin, another student. He clicks the page, and the lecture begins playing again. 

Not only that, but after taking a days worth of notes, you can dump them onto the computer and begin recording on the pen all over again. 

How well Does It Work? 

Frances says on a scale of 1 to 10, it's a 12!

And Austin left our interview saying he was heading out to go buy one that day!

We bought ours at Target, but the pen now only comes in the 2g and 4g versions. They cost $40 and $70 more than the one we bought.