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We're turning-up the music with this week's Does It Work product. It's called the Rock-It 3.0.  Our tester, attorney Norman Douglas, had some questions about the device."It was a wild claim. You stick it to anything and it amplifies the sound of your iPod, iPhone, or other music device,” Norman said.We got it for $43.67. That includes shipping and handling. After charging the built-in battery we gave the instructions and the Rock-It to Norman. He connected one side of the Rock-It to his iPhone. The next step?"Stick it to something,” Norman said.Click to See PhotosThe other end, he stuck to an empty box—which amplified the music for his I-phone. Our smartphone app showed the music about 10 decibels higher using the box, compared to just playing it out of Norman's iPhone.Next... An empty trash can."That's much louder,” Norman said.But we noticed an interruption in our music.  The vibration head's "sticky pad" fell off a couple of times. We asked the Rock-It makers about the not-so-sticky sticky pads. A spokeswoman wrote, "We address the issue by including two additional sticky pads in the packaging. We also sell a pack of 6 sticky pads on our website for $3.99 + tax and shipping."     Once we got it to stick again, we were back to testing the Rock-It on anything we could find.  Even a truck parked outside."Jimmy Buffett may be playing inside the truck,” Norman said.So overall, does this work?"Depending on the material you stick it to, I think it works,” Norman said.I also asked the company what objects it recommends we use the Rock-It on.  It says, for best results, use a foam cooler, a packaging box, or a trash can.  The Rock-It does have a one-year manufacturer's warranty.Rock It 3.0: Does it Work?