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Phillip Holmes can tell you whatever you need to know about the hundreds of rugs inside "Rug Studio."That's why we asked him to help us test Ruggies, "the amazing reusable rug grippers that keep rugs and mats in place to prevent unsightly curled corners bunches, slips, and trips." We bought 16 online for almost $26. That does not include shipping and handling.Phillip pulls back one corner of a "heavy rug" and starts to put-on the Ruggies.But it doesn't stick to the rug.The directions say, if that happens use the removable tape that comes with the product. "Maybe we'll take that tape," he says.With all four corners down, Phillip does a "foot test.""Well, it kind of holds it," he says. "This ripple here will catch and cause uneven wear on the rug." Next, Phillip tries the Ruggies on a not-so-heavy rug. First, without the removable tape."Yeah, it's not adhering at all to this particular rug," he says.So he goes for the rug reinforcement."It's just not behaving," he says. "The corners are a little bit secure. But any real traffic on this, it's not going to stay down."The makers of Ruggies also say they're resuable. So, we followed the directions and washed these in warm soapy water last night. Now let's see if they work.Phillip adds the washed Ruggies to a heavier rug - but this time, without the removable tape."The Ruggies are staying perfectly on the floor," he says. "The rug, not so much."Since the Ruggies were so good at sticking to the hardwood floor, Phillip checked to see if they left any kind of residue behind on the floor. And they didn't.Do Ruggies work?  "Not so much," he says. "I think you're better off with a traditional rug pad that's going to protect the whole rug and the whole floor and just stay down a little bit better." Video: Ruggies: Does It Work?