WichitaKS -

Want to stay sharp in the kitchen--when it comes to your knives?  Think Samurai!

The $10 Samurai Shark says just pull your knives through it and they'll be on the cutting edge.  We head to Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse, where cutlery is flying.

In Lee, a chef,  proves his knife is dull by trying to slice through a ready-to-cook chicken.  His blade won't even cut the skin.

Then he uses the Samurai Shark.  It rests on the counter, with the end hanging over the edge. Each time In pulls his blade  through, you can see bits of shavings come off the knife.   But has that made it sharper?

All it takes is one slice through the chicken.  In's blade is definitely sharper.

He uses a different dull knife to start slicing vegetable for the dinner.  It sounds like it's tearing through the onion as much as it is slicing it.

Again, he turns to the Samurai Shark.   And few minutes later the knive smoothly carves through the veggies.  He's impressed.

In still likes his professional sharpener better, but Does It Work?   In says "Yes!"