WichitaKS -

Everyone wants to save a buck, especially in this economy.  So the claim from Save A Blade is popular!

The device claims to re-sharpen your razor over and over, letting you get the most from your investment.   We took it to Craig Allen's for Men and found two impeccably groomed men willing to put their face on the line.

Britt Fulmer, of Gentry Ltd., was puzzled by the instructions.  Despite ads that show an old razor getting shiny, the manual says you're supposed to sharpen new blades.  If they're sharp, he laughed, why do they need sharpening?

Jessica used Britt's older razor to shave half his face, and then sharpened the razor with Save A Blade.  One stroke later and both had their answer.  They both say the razor became much worse

Rick Anderson went through the same drill---and got the same results with his older razor.  But then Jessica tried the device out on a brand new blade.  Everything went well---until she sharpened it.  After that, Rick said his face felt like it was being cut!

Does It Work?  They say "No."

We both emailed and called the company which makes Save A Blade,  but they didn't respond to either contact.