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What’s worse than stepping out on the ice? Stepping out on it with your best friend.“I hope I don’t fall,” worries Megan DeVore.Erica Harris laughs. “I hope you do!  And if she does, can we get the tape so we can put it on YouTube?”Erica and Megan are at the Wichita Ice Center to find out if “Shoe Grip” works. It’s a spray promising to make the bottom of your shoes non-skid in the snow and ice.Before the test, we called the company,  which told us it had experienced good results using it on ice rinks.Following the directions, we spray one of each of the girls’ shoes.  And it’s sticky! The girls fingers become very tacky when they touch the film.The gals wait one to three minutes (per the instructions) and Megan heads toward the ice.  Her first step is on the carpet.“Definitely got some stickiness,” she says.  “I feel like I just stepped on pop someone dropped.”But the first step on the ice?“Uh, I feel, if anything, more slick!  It feels like I have another layer on my shoe, but not more traction.”In case Megan’s shoe got some dirt on it from the carpet, we make sure Erica’s first step is directly onto the ice.“There’s no traction with it,” judges Erica. “No difference whatsoever.”We give Shoe Grip another try:  spraying the gals’ other two shoes before they, again, step directly onto the ice.But, despite their efforts,  the results are the same“Uh, no!   No traction!”Does It Work?Megan says “no.”“I had high hopes and they were crushed.”We contacted the company.  Here is its response:“…did your people attempt to “surf” over the surface of the ice.  The human body is not sensitive enough to detect "sticking" to the ice as opposed to sticking to the carpet.Most users walk on cement, asphalt not on an ice rink, so these are reasons enough to deem your test informal and not conclusive.Just be truthful about the fact that your test result are inconclusive, but that there are quite a few loyal customers who love this product and will continue to use it for themselves.Constance SmithShoe GripErica, though, says she’s glad it was the station’s money we spent and not hers.