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It’s happened to nearly all of us: that white load of laundry that turns pink because of the red shirt you didn’t see in the washing machine.

But now Shout Color Catcher says that won’t happen again. And you won’t have to sort your laundry by color. Because the sheets claim to keep colors from bleeding in the washing machine.

We head to Spring Clean Laundromat to give it a tough test.

Our volunteers agree to wash brand new red towels with white ones and a new red t-shirt with a white shirt.

Sherri Knoblauch doesn’t think it’s going to work. “A piece of paper is going to catch the colors bleeding to other colors? No way!”

The sheets don’t have a coating like dryer sheets and they don’t smell.

The directions say to put two to three sheets in with new clothes, and one sheet in with regular loads. To give it the best chance to work, our testers put in three sheets in each of three loads: red and white towels in two loads and a red shirt and white shirt in the third load.

Ellie Guhl and Sherri add detergent and start the machines.

Twenty-five minutes later the machines turn off.


“Oh, it’s a pink towel!” Sherri exclaims.

Ellie looks at her load. “And a it’s a pink shirt, but very light.”

However, the Color Catcher sheets are much darker red than the white towels or shirt. That’s proof it did catch most of the color. And the decorate strips on the towels are still white.

It’s definitely better than our testers thought it would be. “I thought it would be red like this,” Sherri says as she points to the red towel.

But Ellie reminds us that the shirt isn’t white; it is a very light pink.

To give the company another chance, we put two more new Color Catcher sheets in the dryer with the towels and one new sheet in with the load or shirts. After 15 minutes of drying, the pink gets lighter on both the towels and t-shirt. In fact, when the gals put the shirt on the owner of the laundromat, nearly everyone says the shirt looks white!

Our testers admit washing new, red towels is about the toughest test for the product.

And new clothes may not be the best fit.

Sherri says, “If you had to combine a load at a laundromat with giant washing machines, I would definitely use the sheets.”

Ellie agrees. “I think it would be best when that odd wash cloth gets in your whites. Then I think it would keep that red from coloring the white load.”

Does It Work?

Our testers say yes - but not necessarily on new clothes with lots of dye. You can find Shout Color Catchers in the laundry aisle of grocery stores.