WichitaKS -

Jan Harrison and Phil Thompson have to get up pretty early to be the ones to wake you up on 104.5 The Fox every morning.  For Phil, it's 4:00 am and that means Jan needs a little caffeine help. 

"Not only do I get a big, big soda, but I also get a cappuccino and then I fill up on coffee at work," Jan laughs, "so I really have caffeine to get things going. "

What if your soap could replace all that?  Shower Shock Soap, to be exact.  It's a peppermint scented bar which claims to have 200 milligrams of caffeine in every use---about the same amount as two cups of coffee. 

And of all the things we've had Phil test, this may be the most imposing. 

"I usually get paid for getting nude on camera."

Phil agrees to take a shower using the caffeinated bar. 

"It smells like I'm bathing with a York Peppermint Patty!"

But Phil says that comes with no buzz. 

"I'm not getting an instant reaction.  I was expecting instant and I'm not getting it."  

Although Phil's shower was more public, Jan had the same reaction in her much more private shower. 

"Kind of like I took a shower and jumped into a cold room," says Jan.  "But I couldn't recommend it if you're looking to replace the caffeine in your coffee."

We called and e-mailed thinkgeek.com where we bought the soap to get their reaction to our results, but they never returned either contact. 

Does It Work?  Phil is still disappointed. 

"I wanted an instant coffee buzz and I didn't get it."