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Before it gets too fall-like outside, we wanted you to see this Does it Work test. A lot of parents emailed and called-in, asking us to test Slushy Magic. It says by using "snowflake science,” you can make almost any drink into a slushy in minutes... no machine needed, just a little muscle.Our "snowflake science" experiment starts at Kim Taylor's daycare.  She finds the ingredients for the Slushy Magic cup in her fridge.  Kim and her daughters -- Jordan and Abby -- will put the pop, some juice, and chocolate milk inside the Slushy Magic cups. We picked-up one online for around $15. The key component to Slushy Magic is the "reusable freezer cubes"-- which need to spend some time in the freezer."We put them actually with the ice,” Kim said.Three freezer cubes go in each cup. Then, our snowflake scientists pour-in their drink of choice to the fill line. Next, put on the lid and shake for one to two minutes.Thanks to the magic of carbonation, the cup holding the root beer needed some "air" every few shakes.    "Use this rag, then put your finger over the hole,” Kim told her daughter.When the time is up... it's a slushy.  But after all that work, these kids are left with only so much to share."It doesn't make that much,” Kim said.The reusable freezer cubes turn into liquid almost immediately after the first time we tried it on just one drink. So, Kim is going to try it again with chocolate milk to see if they will make another slushy.“It's kind of cold, not really cold,” one of Kim’s daughters said.But it's not “slushified.”  Kim's conclusion: the freezer cubes are only good for one use, before they need to spend some time in the freezer again."The product actually works. But for the amount you get out of all that work, I wouldn't probably buy it,” Kim said.By the way, you can get these a lot cheaper than $15.  We found one at Dillons in the clearance section for three-dollars.

Slushy Magic: Does it Work?