WichitaKS -

Chris and Kathy are buddies who have one thing in common:  they hate to shave!

Their legs are the four reason Chris asked us to test Smooth Away. It's a pad that supposed to painlessly rub away unwanted hair. In fact, the box says you can stop shaving altogether. 

The instructions are simple: just stick on the rubber pad and, well, rub!

In just a few seconds Chris can tell a difference. The hair on her leg is going away. She says it doesn't hurt at all. She thought it might feel like sandpaper.

After only a few strokes of her own, Kathy agrees. She loves the fact that she doesn't have to use shaving cream or water. 

But Chris wants to raise the bar a bit---all the way up to her lip. She has a few of those pesky hairs many women wish they didn't. The kit comes with a finger sized pad for that.

A few minutes later and she can tell a big difference. Her lip has lost the "moustache" look.

Does It Work?

"I could do the commercial for them and be happy," laughs Chris.