WichitaKS -

Don't you hate it when you lose your fizz?

What if you could keep your pop fresh for days with a snap? As in "Snap Capp."

The $3 gadgets look like someone cut off the top of a water or Gatorade bottle -- twist top and all. Snap one of those on your pop can and it's supposed to keep the fizz in your drink. 

We headed to WSU where its a sure bet the college kids use the caffeine to fuel those late-night study sessions.

Six students opened six cans of pop, put the Snap Capps on, and put the pop in a dorm room refrigerator.

We went back the next day, but the news wasn't good. 

Every can of pop was flat! 

When we called the company to get its response, the inventor told us he thought the problem was the screw-on caps were tightened enough. He says that's the key. He says there are instructions on the website, but acknowledged there might not have been any included in our package.

There weren't. 

So to be fair, we opened three more cans and put the Snap Capps on them--tightly. After a day in our refrigerator, we opened them up. 

Two of the three cans made a hissing sound when we opened them. They still had fizz. The third was less successful, but still had some fizz inside as well.

Does It Work? Yes.

You can buy the Snap Capps at local Walgreens and Bed Bath and Beyond Stores. Or you can order directly from the company through the link on the left side of this page.