WichitaKS -

When you're away, do your pets really play?

A high-tech pet product promises to let you find out---no matter where they are.  It's Snif Tag, a device that clips onto your animal's collar and let you see over a computer what they're doing. s doing.  The tag communicates to a base station that plugs into your router.  You are supposed to access that by logging into the Snif Tag website.

Step one:  register the product.  That's where we have our first problem.  For some reason, it tells us we're not able to complete the form.  When we call the company for help (the phone number is NOT listed on any information with the product), we're told to leave our name and number and they'll call us back.  Only when we identify ourselves as a television station testing their product, do we get someone on the line immediately.

But within minutes, the glitch is fixed and we're ready to go.   Our tester, Kelly, clips the Snif Tag on his Yorkie's collar.  One click later and we can see what little Zoe is up to. second-by-second.  

Only problem:  it's not always accurate.  The icons say she's sleeping, when really she's just standing very still.  And when she moves, the description sometimes shows her doing she's not.  Usually it's fairly close, but not exact. 

The device does record information about Zoe when she's out of range, and downloads it when she's back near the base station.  But again, the icons aren't perfect.

Does It Work?  

Kelly says yes and no.  It gives him the idea of what Zoe is doing.  But for the $150 price tag, he says it ought to be more accurate.