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When life gives you snow, make a snowman!

But now one company says you can take your creation to a new level---by painting it. We ordered the $10 Sno-Art Kit, which claims to make you an artist with the snow as your canvas.  

We tested it on a day off from school, when I knew my kids and their friends would probably be outside playing anyway.

The kit comes with pouches of paint powder that you mix with warm water.  Yes, you use warm water on the snow and it’s not supposed to melt it.  However, a word of warning: the paint stains nearly everything it touches, including fingers.

When the paint meets the snow, the reaction from our four testers is less than overwhelming.“It looks like someone spilled a drink on it,” says Vanessa. “It doesn’t really paint.  It just drips on it.”

It colors the snow, but the problem is control. The kids say the bottles it comes with don’t “spray,” but instead only let you squeeze a stream of liquid, or drip randomly.

Kylie is disappointed. “I wanted to paint pictures and make it look like something. But you could hardly make a smiley face out of this.”

“It’s fun, but it’s not what you think it’s going to be,” says Chase.  And you may have to worry about your yard looking like a scene of violence.  The red snow really looks like a bloody battle field!

Does It Work?

Our testers say “No,” at least not like the images on the box promised.We contacted the company that makes the kits. Despite e-mailing them twice, they didn’t respond to our results.

The kids say save your money and instead  decorate your snowy lawn the old-fashioned way: with snow angels.