WichitaKS -

Can you "spin" your way to a more beautiful set of eyes?

Splinlash says you can---for $20.  That's how much it costs to buy the rotating mascara wand.  The company will throw in a second for free, but you can't buy just one.

We take the Spinlash to Xenon's, a local cosmetology school.  The students studying make-up give it our workout.

The package says "no more clumps," and "thicker, fuller, sexier eyes."  And it says it will work with either the mascara it comes with or the the mascara you already own.

But when the gals turn it on, they say it's not working.  That is until they look closer.  

The wand is rotating---slowly.  Both of them expected a quicker spin. 

Mistie tries out the brown-black mascara that's sent with her Spinlash, but it's not  a great result.

She says the wand doesn't put on a lot of mascara, and doesn't really get good contact with her lashes.  When she looks at one eye without mascara and one after she used Spinlash on it, she can't see much difference.

Desiree has another problem.  She tries using the Spinlash with her own mascara.  But the wand won't go in the tube.  That's when she makes a discovery:  if you use your own mascara, you put it on with your own wand first---then use Spinlash to separate the lashes.

She thinks that's very inconvenient.  And when she does that, Desiree says the Spinlash doesn't do much more than her regular wand already did.

Our third tester, Tara, agrees the Spinlash doesn't put on much mascara.  But she says it did separate her lashes and keep them from clumping. 

Then we tell her it costs $20. 

Does It Work?

She tells us the results didn't give her a $20 eye!

Apparently we're not alone in getting disappointing results.  When we contact the company, they say other consumers have had similar complaints.  That's why they're coming out with a new and improved Spinlash.  It's supposed to spin faster and have a better quality mascara with it.

Our testers say the Spinlash needs something to improve it.

"As a regular mascara wand it works," says Mistie.  "But it definitely doesn't do anything special."