WichitaKS -

Push a button and let a machine do the cleaning?  That's all the Spot Bot claims it takes to get rid of your carpet stains. So we spent the $130 for the device and pulled in three testers for their eagle-eye inspection. Finding a stain isn't a problem.  There are several spilled coffee stains and "mystery spots" on the floor of a newsroom.  But the one thing our testers notice about the device is its small cleaning area---only about six inches across.  Have bigger stains?   You'll need to use the device more than once. The directions are simple.  Mix the cleaning liquid (that comes with the "Bot") with water and pour into the tank.  Click it back on the machine and all that's left? Push a button. We can't see a lot of water going on the stain, but we see plenty of dirty water coming out.  In fact, it's pretty gross! Six minutes later the machine shuts off.  When we pull it up off the carpet, in its place is bright, clean circle.  Does It Work? Our tester Angie has the best line of the day.  "I could set it down, push the button, get the kids teeth brushed, put them to bed and then go back pick it up and be done.  That part really works!" We ordered ours through Amazon.com, but they may not have them in stock at all times.  We have a link to the left to Bissell's website.