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There's no denying that the animals at the Kansas Humane Society want to go home with you.  Regardless if you find a cute companion, you'll be leaving with some of its hair.  Jennifer Campbell works with all sorts of hairy animals every day.  That's why we wanted her to test Sticky Buddy.  You can buy it for about 10-dollars.  The selling point... you can use it over and over again... just wash it off."It would actual be pretty epic to get a brush that would never run out.  Because I'm dealing with hundreds of animals every week,” Jennifer said.Just like her curious counter-parts, Jennifer gets right to testing.  She tries it on some cat litter... scattered on a blanket."I'm actually impressed by the level of coverage that it has on it.  And, it picked up the hair too,” Jennifer said.Now this is the part where Jennifer would peel-away a sheet on a regular lint brush.  But with Sticky Buddy, she washes it."It feels smooth.  It feels like water.  Kind of a like wet suit kind of feel.  It doesn't feel very sticky,” Jennifer said.A few shakes to dry it off and...."Oh, it's sticky again,” Jennifer said.Jennifer goes back and forth between the mess and the sink a few more times, before it’s all picked-up."It's not drying as fast the second time," Jennifer said.But is there really any advantage to using this over a regular lint roller?"Lint rollers are costly.  And refills are costly.  So this would be a one-time thing,” Jennifer said."I think we would probably use these for personal use or even in our clinic.  I wouldn't probably use it for grooming my dog, but I would probably use it to get the hair off the seat of my car after taking my dog for a ride,” Jennifer said.Does it Work?"It works mostly.  It retains its stickiness.  It seems to work pretty well on the fabric we tried.  So, I would use it for that,” Jennifer said.Finally, we couldn't do a story with animals, without bringing-in our mascot, Millie.  She has been taking a seat at the KWCH 12 anchor desk for years... and it shows!  We have meteorologist Ross Jansen, Millie's owner, do the honors."This is like a blizzard of Millie hair,” Ross said."I think this actually will work.  You're just going to have to spend some time with it.  I just need to do this a little more often,” Ross said.After just a few swipes, Sticky Buddy is full of Millie's hair.  With a lifetime guarantee, Sticky Buddy should be around to clean-up more of Millie's mess.

Sticky Buddy: Does it Work?