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Cyndy Stout and her fried Lisa Hosterman can't resist a good deal on a cute pair of shoes.  No matter how badly they hurt their feet!"These shoes I bought for my daughter's wedding and they were the only ones I could find that matched my outfit and they were on clearance and I wanted them and they were just a little too small,” Lisa said.Lisa would like to wear them again. And Cyndy would love to slip her feet into these black heels.“I've even had it professionally stretched and they still cannot get it stretched,” Cyndy said.We'll see if Stretch Genie has enough muscle to widen these shoes. We ordered two bottles and two sets of expanders for around $24 -- that includes shipping and handling.Cyndy and Lisa try the Stretch Genie two ways. You can spray and go. Just walk around in your shoes to stretch them out.For best results, the Stretch Genie instructions say to spray the solution and put the expanders in the shoes.  Then leave the shoe overnight, or, until the shoe dries.We go back to Cyndy’s the next day to see if Stretch Genie worked. First up, the black heels Cyndy used the expander in.

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"It's still tight, but it's stretched a little bit more.  I would probably put the stretcher back in it again,” Cyndy said.  “I would say this worked for me."Now to the shoe she used the "spray and go" method on."I sprayed these last night and wore them around the house for about an hour, you guys left, and they fit.  They're very comfortable and everything now,” Cyndy said.Does this work?"I would say it does... with the stretchers,” Cyndy said.And Lisa's brown dress shoes she wore once to her daughter's wedding?"Those slid-on very well,” Lisa said.Does it Work?"I think so,” Lisa said. However, Lisa isn't sold on the "spray and go" results.  She says her boots didn't budge much.But now they have another set of problems with their newly wearable shoes."We're going to have to go shopping,” both Lisa and Cyndy said.Cyndy did bring to our attention the ingredients in the Stretch Genie spray solution… water and alcohol.That said, she felt she could make her own solution and buy the shoe expanders at a drug store.We tested this product about a month ago. And as of today, the ladies say their shoes are still stretched.

Stretch Genie: Does it Work?