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Michelle Smith-Arnold has a favorite pair of jeans---in the winter.  But when summer comes, she can’t wear them.  And it has nothing to do with the heat.  “They’re okay with sneakers because they have a bit of a heel.”But when she slips on flip flops?“It’s like being barefoot and they drag.”


“I don’t sew!”So she wants to know of $10 Style Snaps will help. The box says you can change your hem as often as you change your shoes. You don’t sew, but instead adjust the length with adhesive plastic snaps.Step one: turn the legs inside out. Stick the plastic snap in the hem at the length you want. “That’s pretty cool!  That’s really simple,” smiles Michelle.She pulls on the material and the snaps unsnap.  They don’t pull off the fabric.   One leg takes up to four snaps.  “It’s so easy.  A lot easier than sewing!  Two minutes!”We have her Style-Snap just one leg so we can compare the difference. She slips on the jeans.“It feels like I went somewhere and had them hemmed. Just peel and stick and snap and go!”Her husband, Scott, tries to “hem” a pair of his dress pants. When he slips on the pants and his dress shoes?“Now my pants aren’t dragging. They don’t look unkempt.” And he thinks they could also work on drapes and window fixtures as well  as too-long sleeves for little kids.Does It Work?Scott says “yes!”“Peel, stick and clip!  Fold them under and you’re good to go. How easy can that be?  Even someone like me can do it!”We ordered our Style Snaps from:  http://www.harrietcarter.com/new-arrival-spotlight/style-snaps-/.

They are also sold other places on the internet as well.