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Watching TV isn't always relaxing for Bill Rexroad."It's difficult for me to understand all that they are saying," Bill said.Admittedly, Bill's hearing is slipping.  But before he turns to a hearing aid, he wanted to see if "TV Ears 3.0" could help him get by for a little while."I saw the ad in a magazine and I thought wow.  If that works, I want one," Bill said.We ordered a pair online for $99.15.  That includes shipping and handling.We took care of charging the headset overnight before we got to Bill's house.  So, Bill just had to plug-in the AC Adapter into the wall. He also had to connect the transmitter to his TV's audio output.Bill put on the headset and turned it on."Yeah!  That works," Bill said.He tried the tone too."I mean that is clear as a bell," Bill said.Keep in mind, anyone who doesn't wear the headset, can still hear the TV at any volume they choose.  Bill really did notice a small problem.  When he placed the headset on the transmitter, it needs to be on it just right for it to charge."I think you just learn how to deal with it, and it will be fine," Bill said.And, it works?"It works," Bill said.When it comes to the length of the charge on the headset, the directions say if you fully charge a battery--which could take eight to ten hours with a dead battery-- it will last you six hours. TV Ears: Does It Work?