WichitaKS -

Does it Work viewers must love potatoes, because the most requested gadget of the past few months is something to speed up your spuds.

They are Tater Mitts, rough gloves which claim to take the peel off a potato in eight seconds flat.  They got the attention of KFDI's new morning team Brian and Kellie.

Kellie tells us, "I wanted to try this.  I saw it on TV and hate to peel potatoes." Brian doubts that, saying "She's never peel a potato in her life!!!"

Brian and Kellie agree the gloves look strange.  They're covered with rough rocks. 

But, what about that 8 second claim?  The instructions say to let the potatoes boil for five to six minutes.

 "They left that part out of the TV commercial," Brian says, adding "I could peel potatoes with my hands if I boil them."

But to be fair, Brian and Kellie boil the taters for six minutes.

Once they were boiled, both tried the 8-second test.  Brian's was a little closer to complete.

Brian also tried peeling a boiled potato with an old-fashioned paring knife...he was able to do that in about 35 seconds.  A raw one took just 15 seconds.

Kellie says, the product does work as long as you boil the potatoes first, but Brian is still upset about the commercial's claim.

"I could have peeled a potato in seconds before I boiled and did what I did," Brian said, adding "It's a goofy product, no way I'd spend that money."

We tried to get the company's reaction to our tests.  A customer service representative over the phone said we'd have to e-mail the company, but refused to give us an e-mail address to do that.  They also didn't return our calls.