WichitaKS -

We all want to think we're good parents, but as much as we try to keep an eye on our kids at all times, they can slip out of slight in a flash. 

"The little one in our group got away," remembers Monique Bethea.  My five-year-old found him.  It was a case of the five-year-old versus the one-year-old."

So the Giggle Bug sounds like a good idea.  It's a $20 clip-on device which is supposed to find your child when you push a remote.   The "bug" goes on your child's clothing. 

"Push a button on the fob," reads Robert, Monique's husband. "The Giggle Bug will beep until the child is located."

So their little one heads off with her big brother, letting Dad test it out. 

But no amount of pushing gets it to work, despite the fact the LED lights up---indicating the remote is working.  However it won't activate the remote, even when Robert is staring at his child and the clip--- all just a few feet away.

Eventually Robert gets it to beep---once in a while. 

Monique doesn't even get that, though, when she tries it out. 

Does It Work? 

"It's a no-go!  I'd be panicking and have this as insurance.  This is not working." 

We contacted the maker of the Giggle Bug, which stands by its product.  It says perhaps the batteries were low by the time it was shipped to us.  The company suggested changing the batteries and trying the test again.

To be fair, we took the device complete apart.  The batteries tested just fine.  We put it back together and after that we tried it again.  It worked---occasionally---although we didn't change the batteries or anything else inside. 

We will leave it up to you if "occasionally" passes your parent test.