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Britni is a mom and a day care owner.

With  just one look at her front room, you know she has her hands full when she leaves the house!

The $8 Mommy Hook claims it can give her “another hand” to deal with all that, especially when she goes shopping. The “hook” is an oversized clip that’s supposed to carry extra bags---and then attach to a stroller or shopping cart. Since it’s made of heavy duty metal, the packaging says it “won’t break like plastic hangers.”

The three moms in our tests are excited -- and think this could make their life easier!

Britni pulls out a couple of bags and starts to hook them to her stroller for an outing. But that’s when the trouble starts.

She has to struggle to get it to open enough to fit over the handle. Once she does get it to clip on, she realizes it’s scratched the stroller’s plastic and even torn some of the foam.

That’s not all. When she heads out for her walk, Britni has to kick the bags out of the way every time she takes a step.

“Instead of looking ahead, I feel I have to watch this, so I don’t trip over myself.”

When she takes it off, it goes from bad to worse. “I think it just broke!” gasps Britni. 

Sure enough, a small metal piece of the Mommy Hook is laying on the ground. Britni says the load the hook carried isn’t what she’d consider a big one, by “Mommy standards.”

Even when we lighten the load, it still doesn’t get rave reviews from other Moms. One of Britni’s friends says it slips down the stroller handle and gets in the way of the wheels. The other says it’s not strong enough to really handle what a Mom has to carry with her when she leaves the house.

Does It Work?

All three say “no.”

When we told the company what happened, it offered to replace it, free of charge. It says it’s had “hundreds of thousands of happy customers over the past three years.”  According to a spokesperson, the failure rate has been very low.

However, Britni says the fact that it broke was just one of her issues. “It’s not something I would have used even if it hadn’t broken.”

You can buy the hook from “Imagine That Toys” or Babies-R-Us here in Wichita.