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You can hardly go wrong with anything made out of chocolate!  But have you ever really made a “perfect brownie?”The $20 “Perfect Brownie Pan” claims it won’t make anything less!  Every piece is supposed to come out, already cut and ready to serve.Since the Sedgwick County Fair is in full swing, we asked two seasoned 4-H bakers to try it out.The “secret” seems to be a divider that looks like a checkerboard.  It goes into the batter (after you’ve poured it into the pan) and supposed to make sure the brownies bake into uniformed-sized rectangles.  The only problem?  You have to grease and flour every single side and corner! Both Aidan and Melanie find that takes a lot more work than regular brownies. “You get lost on what you’ve done and haven’t done!” laughs Jodi Besthorn, their sponsor.After all that work, our young bakers have serious doubts about whether the divider will really go all the way through the batter.  If it doesn’t touch the pan below, they say it won’t really cut through the brownies. And Melanie has high expectations!“I want to see edges straight and no brownie parts on the dividers.”After thirty minutes, we have our answer.  Every brownie comes out---minus one that sticks a bit to the divider. And even though it looked like the sides may not have been cut through all the way, each piece slides right out.  Every piece is a rectangle with smooth sides!And the edges aren’t as crunchy as the kids feared they might be.Does It Work?  They all say yes.  However, Melanie says it’s a lot more work than “regular” brownies. “I don’t think it’s worth it,” she muses between bites. “My mom can cut brownies perfect!”You can buy The Perfect Brownie Pan at Walmart, Target and Walgreens.