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As much as Cindy Opat loves her garden, she hates her hose."Well this hose, it's very long, as it needs to be to reach where I want to water. But I don't have any place to hang it up. So, it looks rather unsightly in our lovely garden. It also kinks very easily,” Cindy said.That's why she wanted us to test the XHOSE. It's supposed to expand to three times its size and never kink. We got it online for $19.95, plus shipping and handling.

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So, will the light weight, roughly nine-foot-long, blue garden hose pass our practical test?"Turn the water on at the source and your XHOSE will expand to its maximum length.  So we need to hook it up,” Cindy said.Stretched out and full of water, the XHOSE measures nearly 30 feet--three times its size.Next, Cindy turns the on/off valve... "on.""It's coming out with quite a bit of force,” Cindy said.Cindy worked on watering her garden and it never kinked."If I don't want to get something wet, I can just turn it off,” Cindy said.The one thing we did notice when we were testing, is if the hose is not secured in the faucet tightly, and you have it at an extreme angle, it will start to spit water.When I told the company about the problem, it said "sometimes the washer may not be inserted properly and resting flat on the inside of the female fitting. Or, you could also try tightening the fitting onto the spigot a little more."We did that. And it helped. But it still leaked a little. Cindy decided the leaking didn't concern her."I have had hoses that leak that much if not more,” Cindy said.Now, how about the claim it will go back to its original size once the water is off? After Cindy turns it off, it shrinks back to about nine feet."It didn't kink. It expanded. It shrunk. And it did everything it said it would do,” Cindy said. "It works."Because of the leaking we saw, I asked the makers about a warranty. A spokesperson said they offer a 90-day full money back guarantee.

The XHOSE: Does it Work?