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Is bigger better for the kitchen?

The Titan Peeler is impressive looking and has an industrial look to it.  Plus it's supposed to cut your peeling time in half by working in two directions at once.

If there's anyone that can put a kitchen gadget to the test, it's Tanya Tandoc.  The local chef used to operate "Tanya's Soup Kitchen," and she still has a huge following.

We asked her to bring her peeler along to compare---and I was shocked.  She uses the same, cheap, metal peeler with the rotating blade in the middle that I use at home. 

To quote her, "I don't have to be careful with it and put it back in its jewel-encrusted box and keep it in my underwear drawer." 

I like this lady!

She puts the $20 Titan Peeler through the paces:  cucumbers, carrots, cheese (cheddar and parmesan), onions and even a butternut squash (which she says no one in America knows how to cook).

The results: 

It did great on the veggies.  It made fast work of them, and didn't go too deep.  Plus, Tanya says, she had very few tears peeling the  onion.  That was one of the ad's big claims.

The cheese was a different story.  The Parmesan shredded fine, but ---despite the ads---the cheddar just clogged the blade. 

Does It Work?

Tanya says yes---however the price is a deal-breaker for her.  I offer to buy her one Titan Peeler for $20 or 20 of the $1 peelers she owns.

She chooses one of the $1 peelers---and says she'll spend the rest of the money on a drink at Larkspur.