WichitaKS -

If you want out of the kitchen----and want to get out of all that chopping ---it's a product that claims to be just what you're looking for.

It's the $20 Vidalia Chop Wizard, which claims it will cut large pieces of fruits and vegetables in one push.  Our "pushers" are Wichita Chefs Colette Baptista and Dan Hypse, who agree to help us test it.

But the directions say you can't get rid of your knife altogether.

"You still have to have a knife to cut off the ends," remarks Dan.

To use it, just put the food on the blades, and close the lid---pushing the food (this time an onion) through the blades.    But you'd better be working out!  

"It scared me when it went through.  You have to put a lot of effort in it, " Colette laughs. "I had to lean through my whole body."

But how did it do?

Collete is impressed, "This is a nice fine dice."

What happens, though, when you bring on the rest of the produce department?  


"That is really pretty nice," says Dan.

Next a tomato, which turns into tomato juice, not slices.

"I would fire am employee who cut this badly....but it made a really neat sound!!"

And that is where we start to see a trend.  The firmer the food, the better.  And Colette knows why. 

"The blade is not that sharp," she says. "I can bang that as hard as I want to and it doesn't hurt."

Does It Work?

"On certain fruits and vegetables, yes," Dan rules.  But he thinks his knife is still faster.   If your cooking and dicing skills could use some work,  the Vidalia Chop Wizard could be just what you need.