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Want to increase your gas mileage?  We tested a product that had us reaching for distilled water, baking soda---and our wallet.

In a nutshell, the Water 4 Gas system is a collection of glass jars filled with the water and soda that you install under the hood of your car.  The jars also have a wire inside that is supposed to ignite a chemical reaction creating hydrogen gas.  A tube carries that hydrogen into your air intake line and on into the engine.  The claim:  your car will use both the hydrogen and gasoline---decreasing the amount of gas needed to run. 

We paid $140 dollars for the premade jars and instructions (handwritten on a piece of notebook paper) and got the Wichita Area Technical College's auto class to install it.

We then drove 90 miles with the device on the vehicle and and the same 90 miles without it.  The results? We got 19.3 miles per gallon with it  and 19.4 miles per gallon without it.

Does It Work?  The automotive instructor who installed it says "No."

When we conacted the local company who is selling it, they admit it doesn't work.  But they say they've developed a newer device that does.  They offered to install it on our vehicle.  We declined their offer.