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Ryan Kelley is used to using his gas-powered power washer to blast away dirt on houses. It’s all part of the prep-work for his business, Integrity Painting.

But today we handing him something else: the Water Jet Power Washer.

The $20 attachment fits on your garden hose and is supposed to turn it into a “power washer.” 

The claim: extra power for washing everything from your car to your boat. That includes those high areas on the outside of homes you can’t normally reach.

Ryan tries it out on some second-story siding. The dirt that was dry and loose came off.  But he says that would have come off with a garden hose anyway.  The dirt spots on the siding? They’re still there.

He doesn’t have much more luck on a wood deck. The Water Jet doesn’t get rid of the stains from large heater that had been sitting there.

“It’s not a power washer,” says Ryan.

Even when he tries out the Water Jet on some outdoor furniture cushions, the attachment doesn’t do any better than the garden hose the owner originally tried to use.

To make sure the stain we picked can really be cleaned, Ryan pulls out his entry-level power washer.

It makes the stains on the deck disappear, the cushions come cleaner, and eliminates the dirt spots on the siding. 

If folks are going to buy the Water Jet expecting a power washer, Does It Work?

Ryan says there is no way the Water Jet is a power washer. We contacted the company who told us, despite the name “power washer,” it’s not advertised to take the place of a pressure washer. It says the product is advertised for jobs when a hose is too little. Plus it says it’s had 90% positive feedback from customers.

But the homeowner agrees with Ryan about what the Water Jet really did on his house.

“It made it wet,” he laughs, “but that’s about it.”