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The WaxVac commercial captivated Marcy Kauffman so much, she emailed Does It Work."I wanted to wait for the WacVac,” Marcy said.After waiting a few weeks for some serious wax build-up in her sons' ears, Marcy is ready to see if the WaxVac is truly a safe and effective way to suck wax out of ears.We bought two online for nearly $31. That includes shipping and handling and priority processing.Marcy begins the testing."Well, I know it's getting some wax. Oh yeah. I think it's sucking it out,” Marcy said.Marcy uses a Q-Tip for the rest of the wax. She believes the WaxVac pulled the wax down Cooper's ear canal."I like how it brought more out. Because I won't go digging deep for it of course,” Marcy said.But there's no build-up where we would expect to see it, inside the WaxVac cap.Next, Marcy gives Carter's ears a try."I was kind of hoping it would have vacuumed it all out and called it good,” Marcy said.Does it Work?"I guess no. I wanted it to work,” Marcy said.But before we end this test with a gooey mess, we let Marcy finish cleaning her sons' ears.  And we want to try more claims from the commercial. Can the WaxVac really pick-up water and dirt? During our testing, it did.Returning to Marcy's test now… where after spending several minutes on two sets of ears, Marcy takes a look at the cap again."There's wax in there for sure,” Marcy said.But she still has to use a Q-Tip to get the wax out.Back to the question... does it work?"I think it works if you take the time,” Marcy said.We reached-out to the company behind the WaxVac. We wanted to know why it didn't suction the wax out of the boys' ears. A spokesperson sent us this response:  “The WaxVac is designed  to remove moisture, loose wax particles and dirt from the ear. For hardened or impacted wax, then it's recommended that you use ear wax softening drops in conjunction with the Wax Vac."I also checked with a doctor to see what he had to say about this way of cleaning your ears. The WesleyCare Family Medicine doctor said he wasn't sure about the efficiency of the WaxVac. However, he had a few tips for cleaning-out your ears. Q-Tips/cotton swabs should not be used at all to clean wax out of the ear. There are products you can buy to help with wax removal, like Debrox. Ear drops should not be used more than four to five days in a row. Mineral oil can also be effective. The WaxVac: Does it Work?